Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions.

  • 1- How do I play Caribbean dominoes?


    Each player receives 7 Dominoes. The player holding the double six domino begins the first game, and from this point on the winner of the current game plays first in the game that follows.

    Gameplay moves anti-clockwise, with each player placing a domino on one of the two ends of the layout.

    The number sets on the touching ends of adjacent dominoes must match in order for a play to be valid. Doubles are played perpendicular to the preceding domino.

    If a player has no dominoes with number sets matching those found on the ends of the layout, that player must pass.

    The game ends when one player runs out of dominoes, or when no one is able to play and the game becomes blocked.

    The first player to play all of their dominoes wins the game.

    If the game is blocked, the player who counts the least number of spots on their remaining dominoes wins.

    If two players tie for least spots in a blocked game, the game is a tie.

  • 2- Forgot your password?


    A welcome email is sent to new account holders when an email address and password are provided. This welcome email contains your chosen password. Deleted the email? Don't worry, you can reset your password in game!

    The option to reset your password can be found in game under My Account.

    Once a valid email address (used to create a 6 Love account) is submitted an email is sent with further instructions to get you back in the game.

  • 3- How do the points work?


    Points are earned from playing games and are used to increase a characters rank.

    Below is a breakdown of how points can be earned:

    Game Win4 Pts

    Set Win10 Pts

    250/500 Win10 Pts

    Block Win2 Pts

    Key Win2 Pts

    Love Given6 Pts

    Points made stack: for example, if a player blocked a game and won, that player recieves 4 points from the game win as well as 2 points for winning with a block.

    A player winning a Cut-Throat set with 6 love for example, will recieve 10 points for the set win as well as 6 points per love given (maximum 18 points).

    Points made are specific to the character that earned them for Single Player and Multiplayer. Points made with a Single Player character will not transfer to a Multiplayer character sharing the same character name.

  • 4- Left a match early?


    More commonly known as "running from a love".

    Exiting a Multiplayer game or set before that game/set has finished does have consequences.
    A penalty timer (2 minutes) stops a player from hosting or joining any game until the penalty time has passed. This includes trying to join a game via a game invite sent from a friend.

    This penalty time is account wide to prevent players from joining or hosting games on another character until the penalty time has finished.

    Being removed from a game or set due to inactivity also results in penalty time.

  • 5- Removed due to inactivity?


    Information coming soon.

    Being removed from a game or set due to inactivity also results in penalty time.

  • 6- Already logged in?


    Unable to log in because the server thinks your already logged in?

    This can happen from time to time and is automatically resolved ten minutes (max) after the disconnection from the server occured.

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